Salir de Afganistán

El maestro Kaplan reflexionaba el otro día en el NYT sobre la salida de las fuerzas estadounidenses de Afganistán, un país que, como ningún otro: "represents the triumph of the deterministic forces of geography, history, culture, and ethnic and sectarian awareness, with Pashtuns, Tajiks, Uzbeks and Hazaras and other groups competing for patches of ground".

Para Kaplan, la presencia de los militares estadounidenses allí favorece de hecho a sus rivales,  en tanto que: "The Chinese, Pakistanis, Russians, Indians and Iranians, meanwhile, may all be benefiting more from America’s military operations in Afghanistan than the United States is. Our presence may provide just enough security to allow their energy and transport corridors to take shape, while also helping the Russians guard against Islamic terrorism on their southern border. Thus, our rivals build their own empires on the back of our declining one"

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